2019 Rainbow Pride Ring
2019 Rainbow Pride Ring

2019 Rainbow Pride Ring

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On one of my many Anchorage layovers I’ve had this year my friend Taylor and fellow crafty lady taught me how to make these beaded rings and I was hooked! I love how focused I have to be when I make them as the beads are teeny tiny and This ring will break at some point. I still remember the beaded friendship bracelet my mom gave me in grade school with the directions to make a wish that would come true when it fell off.  I have the same sentiment for my beads and knits, that you wear and love them until the wear out and fall apart. See, they are handcrafted to last, but not forever, and whenever that moment is, whether on a mountainside or at home, I hope you say goodbye with a full heart of all the adventures you shared.

A portion of the proceeds of these Pride Collection rings will go towards Camp Bravetrails scholarship fund!


  • Hand sewn with Japanese glass beads and nylon thread
  • Comfortable and very wearable
  • Fit like a metal ring - will loosen a smidge over time

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