Pride Postcard By Jitterbug Art
Pride Postcard By Jitterbug Art

Pride Postcard By Jitterbug Art

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2019's pride sticker/postcard was designed by the talented Latasha of Jitterbug Art. She says, "I believe humanity mimics nature in some ways. Nature shows us that we can be bold, beautiful, different and the same all simultaneously. I wanted to capture that connection with this design."

100% of the proceeds will go to Latasha. 


Printed on high quality postcard paper from Moo

4x6 inches

What Happened to Knits By Gretchen?

Knits by Gretchen still exists! It was always just an outlet for me to share things I was knitting for myself and my friends and the pretty pictures I love taking of them. That still exists, we’ve just created an online storefront where we can sell photos and beads and other crafty things as well.

Who are these other brands we're seeing on your site?

We've started collaborating with some of our friends to bring you a wider variety of art, accessories and handmade goods! There's always a good story when we bring another brand to our site so we hope you read along on the blog and enjoy the funny anecdotes and quirky interviews we conduct with our friends!


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What is your return policy?

All sales are final and cannot be returned or exchanged. If it doesn’t fit or suit you maybe there is someone in your life who would love a surprise gift just for being awesome. The rings are fragile and chances are they will break. When they do, consider it a hocus pocus inspired moment. I don’t recommend wearing your ring or knits in the shower.

What is your turnaround time?

All products listed are in stock so will be shipped within 1-2 business days.

What if the product I want is out of stock?

All products are limited run and once they are gone, they are likely not coming back for a good long while. We recommend dropping your email address at the bottom of this page so that you won’t miss out on the next shop update!

How do the hats fit?

Most hats will stretch to fit hat sizes small-large.  The fair isle hats are looser, so slouchy on small heads and more of a ski beanie fit on larger heads.

How do the rings fit?

The rings fit like a metal ring and don’t have much give as they are made with nylon thread and glass beads. We recommend this method of sizing for your ring if you aren’t sure but again these are handmade with presized beads and not cast out of metal so the sizing isn’t precise.

My ring broke! Can you fix it!?

Nope.  Each ring is sewn together with nylon thread and made of glass beads and then tied off. It cannot be put back together. Glass beads can break so take that into consideration when wearing the ring for certain activities.  

How should I wash/care for my hat?

While I never personally wash my knits but if you feel so inclined I would recommend handwashing knits in lukewarm water with a wool or delicate specific detergent and then laying flat to dry on a clean towel.

Do you take custom orders?

No, all collections are thought out and created for a limited release.

Where is your yarn sourced from? Do you know the shearing practices from where the raw goods are sourced?

I source from a variety of fiber companies that have shearing practices akin to malabrigo (my first and forever favorite yarn company) who state, “The entire Uruguayan wool industry has committed itself to achieving the highest standards of sheep husbandry. In Uruguay the sheep graze mainly on native grasslands and lamb in the spring when conditions are best for success. All of the wool produced in Uruguay is mulesing-free and shearing occurs pre-lambing.”.  I am also excited to be workiing with the talended Ali from Explorer Knits and Fibers on a few colorways for the upcoming fall 2018 collections.  She uses merino yarn that is ethically sourced from South America, specifically Argentina, Uruguay and Peru. Additionally, all of Ali’s yarn comes from farms that follow mulesing-free practices.

Malabrigo made a great video about their shearing practices I highly suggest you check out! 

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