Watercolorwoods Postcard Set
Watercolorwoods Postcard Set
Watercolorwoods Postcard Set

Watercolorwoods Postcard Set

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A set of micro prints (postcards) of Adventure Babes: The Photographer and two of Gretchen's favorite paintings by Watercolorwoods: Denali Sunrise and Twin Peaks.

The Adventure Girl Series - The Photographer

The Adventure Girl Series was born of the heart and hands of Hailey Thompson, an artist who lives in the foothills of the Chugach Mountains. She found herself surrounded by women who charged - knuckles scraped from climbing, hands calloused from paddling, cheeks rosy from mountain air, lungs breathless from laughing - and all of these women needed a place in her art. Hailey and Gretchen met and bonded over their love of Alaska, adventure, and the aesthetic, and The Photographer is a piece Hailey painted inspired by all the joy she and G have shared on their (beautifully photographed by Gretchen) adventures.

Denali Sunrise

"As we approached the river, the morning light hit Denali and illuminated it in brilliant golds, soft pinks, and deep purple-blues within its couloirs and crevasses. The moon was still hanging in the sky, and the birch along the highway were draped in full autumn yellows. I kept catching myself gasping and quietly swearing (sailor habits) over how stunning the whole scene was. "

Twin Peaks

"Fueled by magical memories of one of my first days of ski touring in Alaska, this piece captures the beautiful contrasts of Southeast Alaska, where the inside passage waters reflect mistily amidst the snowy peaks of the archipelago."


  • 4x6 inch post cards printed with Moo’s premium paper with a matte finish
  • Packaged in cello paper in sets of three 
  • Recommended uses: snail mail to your best pen pal friends, hung up on the fridge or framed.



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