2020 Pride Collection!

Meet our 2020 Pride Collection! After 2019's collection was such a successful, inspiring, community building endeavor, we've been working on making 2020's even better since early this year! We reached out to friends near and far for help and inspiration and can't wait to share with you all of the rainbow inspired goodies!

My little sister Dominique painted our sticker design this year based off of a photo of one of my favorite beach bonfires last summer.  As we are gearing up to leave Kodiak we're finding it hardest to come to terms with leaving a community who have been so supportive of us and where we have felt safe and included. That and the mountains, we are definitely going to miss the mountains. 

Our 2019/2020 Pride Hats - A classic rainbow design and a limited edited beanie knit from hand dyed yarn by Explorer Knits with a faux fur pompom by BKnitshandmade.

Speaking of custom yarn! Ali made us a custom colorway called Pride that we will have in the shop:

She also made us some limited edition rainbow sock sets!

I tried my hand at some polymer clay earring making... 

And of course made up a whole set of rainbow beaded danglers!

We are donating 20% of the proceeds of this collection to the LGBTQ summer Camp Brave Trails. Camp Bravetrails is a camp who's mission is transforming LGBTQ youth and families into leaders through summer camp and innovative programming.  Bravetrails is a safe place where LGBTQ kids themselves to grow into their own and see what that looks like and do so in nature. 


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