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Learning to love cooking has been a journey - I first learned to enjoy making yummy food and drinks for myself when I found myself spending a lot of time alone when my was wife was out at sea and on my new solo journey it has become a must for my health and happiness.

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London Fog

A perfect melding of bergamot and vanilla with a hint of lavender makes this steamed milk tea latte perfect for any time of day.

5 Tips for Outdoor Cooking

Whether on a mini backpacking stove or a campfire grill, being away from your kitchen conveniences is no excuse to give up on eating delicious food in favor of ramen or hot dogs (though both are also delish).

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Golden Chicken Curry

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From a nice set of knives, to non stick skillets to the smallest, but BEST veggie peeler out there these are some gadgets you need to have in your kitchen!



Autumn Harvest Hash

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