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favorite recipes of my classic south meets the last frontier cuisine, cooking tips, and more!

Before Kaleigh joined the Coast Guard she was a line cook at a upscale restaurant in Portland, ME and before that she learned how to cook growing up in the kitchen with her dad.  On this section of the website Kaleigh will be sharing her favorite recipes of her classic American South meets the Last Frontier cuisine and a few kitchen and cooking tips that will have you preparing delicious food like a pro!

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SPICY whiskey ginger

Our take on a classic whiskey ginger/kentucky mule is a perfect way to cap off a great day, we swear it tastes like summer sunshine.

5 Tips for Outdoor Cooking

Whether on a mini backpacking stove or a campfire grill, being away from your kitchen conveniences is no excuse to give up on eating delicious food in favor of ramen or hot dogs (though both are also delish).

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Golden Chicken Curry

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From a nice set of knives, to non stick skillets to the smallest, but BEST veggie peeler out there these are some gadgets you need to have in your kitchen!



Autumn Harvest Hash

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