All of the rainbows are back for 2022!


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Gretchen Powers

Film & Photo


Bright bergamot and creamy vanilla makes this latte a must try!

Remembering Ella

In memory and celebration of our pup Ella (known to most as lilharborseal, we've added two new stickers to our collection!


I have 4 of Gretchen’s beautiful photos hung up in my house. They are always a topic of conversation with new people who visit and I tell everyone with pride about how talented my dear friend is and how she took them during her travels. I love supporting your blossoming business and I feel so fortunate for being able to connect across the globe through your handmade goods. I wish I had a billion dollars because I’d spend it all on your products!


I absolutely LOVE Powers Provisions. You are amazing! I have several hats, earrings, and some printed work as well. I adore all of it. The colors, the styles, etc.  I've found with the hats especially that they are warm, cozy, keep their shape, and I always get lots of compliments on them! As a Vermonter, hat season is rather long and all of your hats hold up really well!  Shipping is always super fast and I love the extra little goodies you always add to each parcel. 


I somehow found you on Instagram, maybe because I finally took a serious dive into knitting last winter and your talents blew me away! I wanted to hold one of your handcrafted beauties in my hand and know what quality felt like so I could emulate the same. Got one, needed another! I'm now the proud owner of 2 knitted hats by Gretchen, a rustic, beautiful hand thrown coffee mug and 2 tiny hand thrown tea bag saucers just because I couldn't resist the sweet addition to my tea.


I am so thankful and so impressed with the quality of your knits. I just received my Autumn Harvest Hat in the mail and I could not be happier with the fit, style, and comfort. Do you know how hard it is for me to find hats like I like for my odd-shaped head? This hat fit me perfectly, and the colors are even more gorgeous in person, which I did not think was possible. If this hat can look good on me, chances are it will look great on just about anyone!


postcards & prints

by Gretchen Powers

Grab a few postcards for your faraway friends, or keep them for yourself. Snag a print to hang in your home or send one as a housewarming gift!