Powers provisons collaboration

Glazed and confused pottery

Limited edition pottery by fellow Alaska artist and lady badass...
Gretchen Powers

Film & Photo

Kales the Cook brings us the recipe for:

Grilled pesto halibut

We're dreaming of summer... midnight sun, freshly caught fish and friends visiting the island...
Meet the Women Behind

Powers Provisions

How this whole adventure got started...

The Narwhals

A collection of one (or two) of a kind knits, beads, prints etc... inspired by the PNW and Alaskan mountains, waters and everything in between...

postcards & prints

by Gretchen Powers

Grab a few postcards for your faraway friends, or keep them for yourself. Snag a print to hang in your home or send one as a housewarming gift!


Gretchen Powers / October 10, 2018

The Story of How we met

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