The Round Up: March 2024

Welcome back to the Round Up! I've been loving taking the time to look back at each month so far this year and hope you've been enjoying reading them.

For those new here "The Round-Up" includes:

  1. Best book I’ve read that month. (Follow on @gpowersfilm to see all of the books I’ve read/listened to with ratings in my story highlights)
  2. A piece of art I’ve made or am making.
  3. Fave recipe I’ve cooked.
  4. Something cool I did outside!
  5. A cool work thing I want to share.

Books: I read and LOVED Laurel Braitman’s memoir Looks Like Bravery - a journey through loss and love.  I also really enjoyed Divine Rivals by Rebecca Ross and A Love Song for Ricky Wilde by Tia Williams both have fantasy elements but no dragons or fairies. 

Art: I signed up for a test knit of Pacific Knit Co’s Jungle Doodle Cowl.  I was in a late winter knitting lull - too late to make things for the site for this year, but not really early enough to want to start prepping for the fall and the weather had me feeling drab.  I was also missing Hawaii a lot so when I saw the pineapples and leafy fronds I knew I had to go for it!  I love fair isle or color work knitting so much and have become completely enamored with all of Pacific Knit Co’s doodle kits.  Can’t wait to try the autumn one next!


Food: The Art of the Breakfast Sandwich!  Breakfast sandwiches are my favorite way to start the day.  I like to think I’m pretty good at making them.  I’ve leveled up recently to putting it on a croissant.  I buy one from Grist or Le Petite in Missoula or Klingers in VT and bring it home, toast it and fry an egg with seriously sharp cheddar (from Cabot obviously), a handful of spinach and hot sauce from Barnacle Foods. 10/10 recommend.

Physical: Two weeks after the Birkie I flew to Stillwater Oklahoma for MidSouth - a gravel bike race that is the unofficial “start of the season” for many of the pros.  I had spontaneously signed up for the 50 mile race… which turned out to be 58 miles and when you haven’t ridden your bike more than a half dozen times since October those bonus 8 miles are not appreciated.  My goal was to finish my 58 miles before the pros finished their 101 miles.  That was my only goal of the day and I managed to fly across the line 6 minutes before the pro men finished.  I got to share the last few miles with my friend Lisa Congdon (go look at her work HERE) which was a real treat.


Work Things: I had a heck of a time coordinating a photo shoot for Forsake (a hiking shoe company) in the White Mountains.  They wanted snow, as it was for Fall/Winter 2024 and this winter in New England has been fickle.  I gathered a few of my closest friends from Maine and New Hampshire and the weather was perfect for us.  I can’t release the photos until they come out later this year but here’s a behind the scenes shot of Bobby helping me with my new micro spikes.

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