5 Tips for Outdoor Cooking

Whether on a mini backpacking stove or a campfire grill, being away from your kitchen conveniences is no excuse to give up on eating delicious food in favor of ramen or hot dogs (though both are also delish).  As our fried Alyssa says, “If I’m going to die in the backcountry it will not be from starving”. So on our various outdoor adventures we’ve employed these techniques to keep our food extra tasty, because what better reward after a day of strenuous mountain galavanting than some scrumptious grub!?

  1. Aluminum foil is your best friend. Use it for making pouches of food ahead of time, you can wrap anything in it and throw it on the fire, as well as using it as a wind protector for your grill or jetboil.  

  2. I love charcoal. It gives food a nice flavor. It is a good alternative to gas canisters. Long low slow heat that you can cook anything on from steak and fish to potatoes and veggies.  Once you are done cooking on it you can throw it in your fire pit and use it as a fire starter.

  3. Don’t be afraid to prepare food ahead of time. A few of my favorite pre-camping preparations are: minimize your need for anything more than a spork and a pocket knife while cooking in the outdoors by using your nice knives at home to chop veggies, meats, cheeses etc…, you can go as far too as cooking your meats ahead of time so all you need to do is re-heat when you get to your campsite, and season season season, that way when you get to your campsite or outdoor grilling spot everything is ready to be thrown on the grill and you’ll have a hot meal comin’ up in 15 minutes.  

  4. I don’t want to sound like your mom, but always use proper food safety while camping and backpacking. If bears are an issue where you are traveling then make sure you are taking proper steps to both prepare and store your food safetly.  Our friends at Fresh Off The Grid made a great video about washing dishes while camping you should definitely check out. 

  5. Fill your flask with your favorite bourbon (we love Oak and Eden & High West Whiskey) to share with your friends. As the director of our new favorite documentary Neat David M. Altrogge says, "Thereʼs nothing fast about Bourbon. Crafting it takes years. Drinking it provides you an opportunity to slow down. To talk and laugh with friends. To reflect.” So get outside, grab some friends and some fresh food and make a feast!


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