7 Must Knit Hats of 2021

One of the most frequent inquiries I get on Instagram is "Is this pattern for sale?" - My answer is usually no, for a few reasons - 1. I don't find joy in writing patterns and 2. I don't love the idea of other people selling knits of patterns that  I've created.  So, to help us both out, I've created this blog post, a space on the site where I'll add patterns I've test knitted for my knitting designer friends that I've loved and recommend you check out! 

7 Must Knit Hats of 2021

1. The Granger Toque by Wanded

2. The Cloves Beanie by Dear Edgar Designs

3. The Spindrift Beanie by Woolly Bear Knits

4. The Crush Hat by BKnitshandmade

5. Bee Wild Beanie by Smeeny Beanie Knits 

6. Find Your Way Cowl by Rosie Posie Design Co

7. The Winter Carnival Hat by Whimsy North (COMING SOON HERE)

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