Akimbo Collaboration 2.0 Fair Isle Collection

The Akimbo Collection Collaboration 2.0 Fair Isle Collection is a selection of knits and earrings inspired by my favorite nordic designs. There will be three pairs of coordinating earrings and hats (sold seperately) each featuring a snowflake design.  In addition the collection will include a few of your favorite designs from the last update.  


To stand akimbo means to plant hands on hips and jut elbows outward; a stance exuding confidence and strength.


Meet Magayr (pronounced “mug-air”…her parents made it up) Knox, the hammer-wielding maker behind Akimbo Collection jewelry. She was raised in Chugiak, Alaska, where she and her husband are bringing up their three daughters to take on life with the spirit of the akimbo stance. With an anvil of old Alaska Railroad track and her dad’s first hammer, she forms mostly brass and copper into unique, simple jewelry. Sometimes she’ll wire a stone in there, too.

Tell us about Akimbo Collection 

 As I struggled to keep my head above the fog while mothering three little ones and working towards a business degree, Akimbo was a way to flex my creativity. After graduation, I threw my extra time, energy, and education into this little business and was astounded at how quickly it grew. I have found such support and inspiration in our brilliant local community of makers. I love every bit of what I get to do, from scribbling out an idea and hammering it into reality, to seeing my work out in the world.


Learn more about Magayr HERE

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