Celebrating Ella

“It doesn’t matter if it’s had a long life or a happy life, there’s never enough life” - Beatriz Williams 


Our sweet girl Ella (known to many as lilharborseal) left us September 11th at 9:45 pm. We miss her fiercely. Some days our tears seem endless and others I feel a strange lightness and energy I didn’t think could be possible after such a loss. I’m still at odds with the idea that she will never again tippity tap her way down the hallway, curl herself into a cinnamon roll and snooze her way through an afternoon before begging for treats and trotting her way outside for a walk, hike, or beach adventure. Every stray hair I find which once drove me crazy now seems a tiny blessing of a memory on my couch, clothes and car. We’ve been getting by with whiskey, candles and cozy vibes (and Ted Lasso reruns) and appreciate every bit of support we’ve gotten over the past six months both financially and emotionally. 

I still see her, in the bushes by the beach, basking in the sun, exploring the same mountains we love to climb. She still lives in my heart and hopefully in yours too. We would love if you shared any moments, memories, photos, video, house elf inspired artwork with us, either privately or publicly using #lilharborseallives 

To all of the rescue dogs and furry beings that have really rescued their humans, we don’t deserve you, but thank you for teaching us how to love, how to play and how to live each day to its fullest. 


We've been loving our stickers from Stickermule over the years (check out our whole lineup HERE) and thanks to their help we're able to add two new designs to our sticker line up this fall. We couldn't be bigger fans of the quality of their stickers - all of their designs are waterproof and are perfect for adventures, or putting on your car, laptop, water bottle and more.  Ella's ears are our favorite feature of hers, many folks on instagram have compared them to Dobby or Yoda ears depending on the day, and I painted this little silhouette during a few of our last afternoons together, trying to capture the speckling in her fur at the back of her head in the line of mountains.  Both paw prints are hers, but one printed a little larger than life than the other. We hope they will remind you of her, and all of the other dogs our community has loved and lost over the years. 


20% of proceeds from these stickers will go to Paws of Hawaii.

PAWS of Hawaii is a local, 501(c)3 non-profit, animal rescue on the island of O’ahu. We are a foster based organization. We work primarily in the homeless areas/camps of O’ahu, helping to care for, take in and adopt out the animals in need.

PAWS of Hawaii is committed to promoting awareness and support to animal guardians to ensure the proper treatment, well-being, love, and quality of life of our animal friends.

A big hug and many mahalos to Stickermule for the support!

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