Coast to Crag Collection: Fall 2019


Dear Friends,

We pulled together our Coast to Crag Collection as an homage to our love of both coastal places and the rocky mountains we love to climb.  You'll find knits in both more feminine and more masculine styles, beaded earrings that will remind you of the sea and adjacent hillsides and a few fresh fall prints.

Year one by the numbers:

Knitted 180 Hats, Beaded 86 Rings, and sold out of most of our collaborations and all of our Miir mugs. We've shipped off 397 orders to 46/50 states, Canada, UK and New Zealand. We've made best friends with the postal staff on base (hello Fallon & Olga!). We attended 2 markets, 2 pop up shops and 10 farmers markets. We still love cooking and crafting and each other. We've pulled together a few thoughts on this year we'd love to share with you.


One year into this crazy adventure and I still love to knit, I've learned how to better bead and I know that I can't do this alone.  I've loved getting to know all of our followers, customers, supporters and have been thrilled at how our artistic collaborations have been received and adored. People are the most fun part of running this site: seeing you all take your hats, beaded things, stickers etc... on grand adventures is what makes the running of this site worth it. I've been knitting for most of my life, at times more seriously than others, and I love having a place to share that craft with you.


I was wrong, I'll admit it. When G first embarked on this venture a year ago I'll I doubted it and her, and for that I'm sorry. I was worried it wouldn't succeed, that the extra workload would overwhelm G and that it would negatively impact our relationship and our lives. But, thanks to all of you it didn't fail and I've learned to love our Sunday evenings building boxes and packaging orders and I adore Saturday mornings at the Kodiak farmer's market where I've had a new outlet to get to know our community. 

We are so grateful you are here, and we can't wait to keep sharing our craft with you!


G & K


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