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Sitka Spruce Hydrosol | Emerald Isle Essentials from Gretchen Powers on Vimeo.

I first heard about Emerald Isle Essentials - the storefront for Maggie’s wellness products made from wild harvested Alaskan botanicals - in my friend Alyssa’s banya (a Russian style sauna/shower) on a particularly cold and wet Kodiak day about a year ago. She had mixed me a water with a bit of Maggie’s sitka spruce hydrosol and I want to say I savored it, but I’m pretty sure I was sweating so much I just downed it really quickly. 

Maggie Dellemann was born and raised in Wisconsin and has lived in Kodiak, Alaska for the past 12 years. Since arriving in Alaska she has been learning about and applying more holistic ways of living and creating from the natural world that surrounds her.  Shortly after she moved to AK she started Emerald Isle Essentials and it has been a never-ending learning experience and adventure ever since.  
 Sitka Spruce grows in all forests in the Kodiak archipelago. It is our island’s most common tree and a nearby island, Spruce Island, got it’s name from the surrounding Spruce forests.  Sitka Spruce has a long history as a native tree of Alaska and both the Native people of our area and those in other parts of the state have utilized this tree for medicinal purposes.  I love adding a splash of hydrosol to my cup of Numi Organic Moroccan Mint Tea
In addition to the Sitka Spruce Hydrosol, we're including our two favorite lip balm flavors - Fresh Mint and Sweet Beets - sure to keep your lips moisturized. We also wanted to share two of Maggie's essential oil rollers we've found helpful during this time: cleanse and comfort immune support and calm and center stress relief. Lastly, we love Maggie's newest product: Winter's Balm - her version of a vapor rub, perfect for everything from sore muscles to congestion and cough. We've loved getting to know Maggie and working alongside her in this community we call home and are very excited to share her goods with our Powers Provisions family!


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