Collaboration: Luz Jewelry

Meet Jaime, the creator of Luz Made from Seattle Washington. I met her via a group of dear friends in Seattle and we've shared a table at the Treefort Holiday Market in Ballard the past two years.  She makes gorgeous jewelry and I was inspired to reach out to collaborate when I started thinking about how to take my dangler and hoop designs up a notch.
She shared with us, "I was born in a small town in the cascade mountains but have lived in 5 different countries. Much of my inspiration comes from a unique blend of the mountains in Washington, and the colors of the places in latin America I have called home. I work part time as a middle school counselor in Seattle, and the other half is dedicated to Luz."
What are your three favorite things to do outside?
Horseback riding, biking, swimming. 
Tell us about Luz 
Luz was a bit of an accident. I have loved making things with my hands since I was little. I taught myself how to sew at a young age and did a lot of woodworking and design projects with my parents. In my second year of grad school I was spending an overwhelming amount of time hunched over books and computers. I started working on jewelry and clothing projects I hadn't picked up in years. I made pieces my friends loved, and created the brand. It has since grown and is shipping worldwide and selling in stores all over the state.
What would you tell someone who wants to get into metalsmithing but doesn't know where to start?
Last year I found some classes at a local art school to design and make my wedding ring. I had an absolutely incredible teacher and really fell in love with metalsmithing. Classes have been the best way for me to learn and grow in the craft. Start by looking for local jewelry schools or classes and go visit! If you're local to Seattle, Danaca Design and Pratt Fine Arts Center are both wonderful creative communities to work with and learn from. 
What is the best advice you've ever been given as an artist?
Make what you love. You run your business, your business doesn't run you! I think it's important to stay at the heart of what you love. 


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