Fall 2020 Collection

We just celebrated our 2nd year anniversary and it's really hard to believe we've only been running this little show for two years! Incase you missed it, we moved from Kodiak, AK to Kailua, HI this summer, mid-pandemic and have been loving the new surroundings and the inspiration they have brought to our color palette this fall! We hope you love some of the new bright pinks and oranges and blues and greens! 

I've loved getting to know all of our followers, customers, supporters even better and have been thrilled at how our artistic collaborations have been received and adored. People are the most fun part of running this site: seeing you all take your hats, beaded things, tumblers, stickers etc... on grand adventures is what makes the running of this site worth it.

Things you can expect in year three: more knits, more earring collaborations with our friends Luz & Akimbo Collection, new Anna Brones tumblers, postcard sets, and stickers on stickers! Oh and a few new recipes from Kales the Cook too!

I've been a crafty kid bordering on grandma for most of my life, at times more seriously than others, and I love having a place to share that craft with you.  Thank you so much for supporting our family! XO G, K & Ella



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