Dear Fall 2022


My dear friends, followers, and customers,

I wasn't sure if I'd be back here. Writing a blog post to introduce my fifth Fall Collection. I felt like I was at the top of my game last year at this time. I had several employees, twice as much inventory than any season previously and felt like I was on top of the world.  And then I lost my dog to cancer, and my wife to divorce and my home to "who can actually afford to live in Hawaii" and I lost a lot of drive to keep making beautiful things. 


So I knit a few sweaters, travelled for four months to some of my favorite places, and eventually settled down (for the moment anyway) in VT and can finally say things are really starting to look up.  So without further ado, the best of the best of years past mixed with a few new designs and a smattering of new colorways... knit in Hawaii, Alaska, California, Colorado, Montana, Maine and Vermont. 


Everything is knit with sustainably sourced merino and peruvian wools from sheep who are treated with extra care and often hand dyed in small batches. 

I've always found fall kind of sentimental; it provides a little more calmness to reflect on the past months, remembering the good, the bad, and all the little moments in between.  Through and through, hands down the best part of this job is you.  My followers, customers, and supporters who help keep this dream alive!  One of my favorite parts of this adventure is getting to see all of you share where you take your knits, your beads, your tumblers... etc! It makes us all feel a little more connected. I guess that's one of the beautiful things about the digital world! 



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