Glazed and Confused Collaboration

Liana of Glazed and Confused Pottery lives in a small town on the Kenai Peninsula & has been doing pottery off and on for about 9 years. It was only two years ago that she decided to quit her day job and pursue Glazed and Confused Pottery. The main reason behind that, was to be home with her two daughters & to support her pottery addiction. Her husband transformed their garage into a fully functional studio & the rest is history.

What are your three favorite outdoor activities?
  •  Hiking- i get a ton of inspiration from being up in the mountains.
  •  Beach glass and agate hunting
  •  Day camping/ picnics
What would you tell someone who wants to get into ceramics but doesn't know where to start?
Take classes if they are available in your area, join your local potters guild and get involved in the artist community as much as possible. 
How can you tell if something ceramic is of quality craftsmanship? 
To me, quality begins and ends with attention to detail. Taking the time to smooth out surfaces and not rush the (sometimes very long) pottery process can take pieces to the next level.
5. What's your favorite thing about life in Alaska?
I love being able to raise our girls in a small town, where we’re able to feel connected to nature. We have so many opportunities to enjoy the beauty around us by living here.

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