Five Must Have Kitchen Gadgets

Five Must Have Kitchen Tools

I've pulled together a list of five of my "must have" kitchen tools to make your cooking experience even more fun! We've sprinkled amazon affiliate links throughout so if you click and purchase we'll get a few cents I think (and you might even get it in 1-2 days!!) Fun fact about Kodiak - Amazon prime takes anywhere from 4 days to 4 weeks to get here! Anyway, hope you enjoy the list and happy cooking!

Knives – find a nice set you like and will use. I have a 3 -piece classic set of Shun Knives. 8in chef’s knife, 6.5in utility knife and 3.5in paring knife this set can help you tackle any kitchen job. If you don’t want to spend ALL of the cash monies we also love our Opinel Kitchen Set - their fun bright handles give a pop of color to any kitchen (also Gretchen loves those because she isn't allowed to use my Shun Chef's knife because it's too nice and she breaks things).

Nonstick Skillets –  If you are ruining that perfect egg
its time find a new skillet. This time around I splurged for the Calphalon Unison 8in and 10in skillet, heavy flat
bottom distributes heat and give plenty of space for cooking. We have had these beauts for
over a year and still making the prefect egg that slides right out of the pan.

Vegetable Peeler- To peel or not to peel? That is the question. My answer is yes. Peel your
veggies, peeling the skin takes off that dusty exterior and bitter finish. It may add an extra
minute to you prep time but its worth it for the taste and texture. When I worked in the
restaurant peelers were fought over and given for birthday and Christmas gifts. My favorite
one is Kuhn Rikon, they come in a set of 3 for $8 on Amazon they are fun and bright and just
down right amazing.

Tongs – I love tongs. I use them for almost any meal I make. G realized this when we started
dating and she has dubbed them as the most inconvenient kitchen tool to wash. That may
be true but I still use them all the time. I have had my locking OXO Stainless Steel set for
years and they are still going strong. G likes these because they are dishwasher safe.

Salt Dish and Pepper Grinder – It’s important to season your food and then taste it. Salt and
pepper are key. To make this simple have an easy accessible salt dish, I use a mini wide
mouth mason jar, plenty of space to get my fingers in to get a nice pinch of salt. Freshly
ground pepper is a no brainer, better taste vs pre-ground pepper that is already oxidized. I
got a cheap pepper grinder from amazon and love it.

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