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When I landed back in Vermont last summer, I didn’t have a clue what was in store for me, all I knew was that I was excited to be back in the Green Mountain state for a fresh start.  A few weeks after returning I was invited to go on a group ride with some amazing VT ladies and was hooked on gravel. Within a week I had a new to me gravel bike and was exploring all of the Vermont roads I hadn’t explored back in college when I stuck solely to pavement. 

I photographed the Rooted Vermont Women’s Clinic with my sister in June and by the Rooted race in July my world suddenly became very filled with bikes. I made films about them I photographed and wrote about cyclists and I even entered into a few races myself. I love a good moderate distance suffer fest so the “short course” version of many of the 100 mile gravel races is perfect for me. Usually around 50 miles and at 4ish hours of effort I finish in time for lunch! 

I pulled out my beads for the first time in a long time and was trying to find some inspiration to pull together a spring collection while drinking a NA beer out of a Rooted pint glass I though “why not make earrings inspired by races”. As unbelievably nerdy as that sounds it was just what I needed to get the ball rolling on this collection. 

So let me introduce you to the spring/summer 2023 lineup - these pieces will be listed as made to order until materials run out - with a 3-4 week lead time I’m hoping to give more folks an opportunity to get their hands on a fun pair of adventure-friendly danglers for the summer!

Rooted Vermont Danglers are for a race I had the opportunity to film last summer in my backyard in Vermont. Watch the video HERE. The community that came out surrounding this event was incredible and I felt so supported by the Rooted team and made so many new friends.

Leadville 100 Danglers are for the high altitude badass mountain bike race I attended as a filmmaker documenting Meg Fisher completing LeadBoat.  I struggle at altitude and was so stoked to have such a great day shooting around the course, making friends and enjoying the beauty that surrounds this rural mountain town.

Last Best Ride Danglers are inspired by the first gravel race I've participated in. I had just come off of shooting Leadville and SBT and was wiped but was so stoked and proud of myself for crushing almost 50 miles of gravel around beautiful Whitefish, Montana.

Rebeccas Private Idaho Danglers are for another race I can't wait to get to, but was nominated by Meg as it's her favorite of all time and Rebecca and her family have become dear friends this year after we all shared a hell of a weekend at Fat Pursuit in January. 

Big Sugar Hoops are inspired by the second gravel race I competed in last fall in Bentonville, Arkansas - I rode like the wind and had such a great week with new and old friends. My sister was photographing at the finish line and I rode right into her arms. 

Ride for Mo Danglers are for the race I'm looking forward to the most this year.  I had the privilege of befriending her family this year and feel lucky to be able to get to know her through them.  20% of the proceeds from these danglers will go to the Moriah Wilson Foundation. Mo's namesake foundation is committed to "promote healthy living and community building by supporting organizations dedicated to expanding access to recreation, sports, and educational programs." In her name, honor and memory.


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