The Story Behind the Desert Collection

This spring my friends at Toad and Co gave me the opportunity to take a trip to Utah to dry out from the never-ending rain here in Kodiak. I had a week and i knew I wanted to keep my schedule wide open so i could say yes to opportunities as they arose.  I’ve been focusing a lot this year on saying no and meaning it. Not giving way to the guilt that often comes with a “no” and feeling confident in my decision making skills. Coming from the girl who always regrets her ice cream flavor decision this has not been an easy task.  So when Toad and Co said they would support me to go adventure somewhere new so long as I said yes to opportunities - I had to do just that, say yes. 

So I did. I flew to Salt Lake City and spent a day relaxing in my friend’s gorgeous and adorable backyard. Reading and writing and making little beaded rings to take a break from my ever present knitting projects.  I said yes to my friends’ generosity and was grateful for a place to warm up and slow down.


I said yes to an afternoon hike with three of my favorite dogs in a heat I felt overbearing and at an altitude I was not yet adjusted to. I said yes to being uncomfortable.


I said yes to going climbing with people far better than I and ended up leaded my first sport climb, a 5.7 who’s name I can’t remember belayed by Mark, a guy I’ll never forget. I said yes to bravery and to trying new things.


I said yes to coffee dates, and tea dates, and lots of avocado toast. I said yes to little indulgences and tried to really enjoy them without guilt based on calories or cost.


I said yes to mountain biking in the mountains with my friend who is a pro. I said yes to facing my fears and maybe making a fool of myself.  



I said yes to spending two days in the desert with dear friends despite how much I despise hot places. I walked down into a slot canyon, climbed up sandstone cracks and screamed when I saw the biggest canyon I’ve ever laid eyes on.  I laughed while playing games with new friends, sipping whiskey and being literally starstruck at the brightest twinkly stars. I learned how to stay cool by hydrating extra and finding respite in shady spots.


I said yes to soaking up the sun sitting in a river and walking through mud that squelched between my toes. I said yes to resting and recovering from activity and self care.



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  • Nancy Hagaman

    I love your blog, I am sitting here crocheting in bed wondering what I should make this morning.

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