Watercolor Woods Collaboration

Hailey is the young artist/adventurer behind Watercolorwoods. Her work is a reflection of her joyful soul and colorful experiences living in Alaska. Hailey spent several years driving ships in Southeast Alaska, deriving inspiration from the waters of the inside passage and quiet rainforests of Sitka Spruce. Recently, she relocated to the massive snow-capped peaks of the Chugach and Alaska Ranges, and has been painting from a place of roaring turquoise rivers, powder-coated glaciers, spouting whales and ocean waves. Her passion for art has always coexisted with her love of the ocean, whitewater rivers, and deep powder. 

2. What are your three favorite outdoor activities?
I'm madly in love with whitewater kayaking and back country ski touring, and have recently discovered that I'm a total sucker for climbing rocks.
3. What would you tell someone who wants to get into watercolor painting but doesn't know where to start?
Don't be afraid. Experiment. Watercolors are the friendliest sorts of paints because as long as you give them enough water to play with, they'll make magic on their own. Work from genuine inspiration (personal experience is the best! Use those blurry iPhone photos for reference!), paint content that you love. Get good paints (Windsor & Newton is my favorite brand), cheap brushes (literally any watercolor brush will do for starters), and decent paper (Fluid is inexpensive and high-quality). Watch YouTube tutorials, read watercolor tutorials, the wealth of information out there is spectacular.
4. Best advice you've ever been given as an outdoorswoman? As an artist?
If you are curious, try it. If you are intimidated, push your boundaries. The initial momentum you generate just by trying the things that you are curious about or intimidated by will carry you to the most magical experiences, and this has been true for me both in my adventurous and artistic pursuits. Your art and your life skills will only become more expansive with your failure, and your expertise will only become more polished with your success. This German writer, Goethe, wrote one of my all time favorite quotes: "Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it." Most of the wonderful, philosophical artist-and-adventure-partner discussions I've had somehow circle around to this idea - that to find the best bits of your life, you've got to get a little bold.
5. What's your favorite trail snack? 
Cashews are damn delightful, and I'm a pretty big fan of the summit beer concept (fairly positive this also counts as a snack).
Hailey is conscientious about the process, and works to make Watercolorwoods a small-scale, high quality business which focuses on sustainably producing adventurous art grounded in experience, and she markets products which utilize environmentally responsible production methods. She loves putting soul into collaborations with small businesses just like Powers Provisions.   

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